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Within the quality system, evaluative reviews must be systematized and evidence-based formal reviews of the quality, standards and effectiveness of University performance in a specified area or range of areas.

Usually, these reviews must be initiated within the University on a regular basis.

Reviews differ from monitoring and reporting processes and revisions of plans or policies or procedures in that they are intended to include summative assessments of performance or suitability at a given time or over a particular time span and identify areas for improvement.

Reviews are a major means by which the University assesses and reflects on its own performance, policy, plans and processes, demonstrates accountability, and identifies its strengths and any needed or desirable improvements.

Feedback processes

Regular and frequent feedback on University services and activities is systematically sought and obtained from stakeholder groups as part of the University's quality processes; for example, feedback is sought from students, staff, graduates, partners in University undertakings, and external members of University.

Feedback is usually subject to systematic analysis not only to assist in evaluating quality and satisfaction levels but also to identify needed or desirable improvements.

The robustness of the quality system is demonstrated through providing students and other stakeholders with information concerning the use made of their feedback in contributing to changes and improvements.

Authorization Standards

In accordance with the mission of HEI, authorization process determines the compatibility of an institution with the following standards: 
a) Mission and Strategic Development of the HEI; 
b) Organizational Structure and Management of the HEI; 
c) Educational Programmes; 
d) Staff of the HEI; 
e) Students and their Support Services; 
f) Research, Development or/and Other Creative Activities; 
g) Material, Information and Financial Resources; 
The detailed descriptions of the Authorization Standards are given in the 3rd Annex of the Authorization Charter.

Authorization Standards

Accreditation Standards

During the process of accreditation expert panel determines educational programme’s compliance with the following standards: 
1. Educational Programme objectives, learning outcomes and their compliance with the programme 
2. Teaching methodology and organization, adequate evaluation of Programme mastering 
3. Students achievements and individual work with them 
4. Providing Teaching resources 
5. Teaching quality Enhancement Opportunity 

Accreditation Standards