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In addition to putting into practice various plans, policies, structures, new developments and the like, the implementation phase of the quality system involves regular monitoring and reporting on that implementation.

Systematic monitoring and reporting is a major means by which the University can assure that its own purposes and internal standards are being met and that there is equitable and consistent application of policy and procedure across all areas of University activity.

Monitoring of implementation may lead to revision, amendment or adjustment of a program, course, policy, procedure, organizational approach or a plan from time to time, complementing major evaluative and other reviews within the quality system.

In the university, there are programs created for each department for authorization, accreditation, and monitoring of statistics and analysis. This are all identified as having responsibilities over the university as a whole and is accountable for the implementation and monitoring of the progress of their programs.

Program leaders and course coordinators have responsibility for over viewing the implementation of specific programs and courses consistent with the current accreditation and approval specifications.