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26 Jun

Meeting with the Fourth Year Students

On June 20, 2018, the third year students of the Bachelor's Degree Program in Power Engineering and Electrics, for the fourth year of the study, met with the Heads of the Department and the Curator of the Program in order to define the elective blocks and obtain additional information.
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The Department of Telecommunication # 207

The Department of “Telecommunication” is a kind of scientific-research center of information and telecommunication in Georgia, whose field of interest is the theory and systems of mass service, the theory of digital communication, the theory of information, the disruptive coding theory and modulation-coding systems. The findings of these studies have been published by faculty professors and specialists mainly in the scientific publications of the United States and Europe.

The teaching process on all the three stages at the Department is carried out by the Educational program -"Telecommunication". The bachelor’s program is divided into the following modules: Telecommunication networks and systems; Networks of future generation; Digital Telecommunication; Management of Telecommunication Companies. The master program includes the following directions: communication networks, nodes and distribution of information; Cellular mobile communication technologies; Optical systems of communication; Digital processing, coding and transmission of signals; Management and regulation of telecommunication spectrum; Telecommunication marketing and management.

Fields of research of the Doctoral studies are: the theory and design of antennas; Signal theory; Coding theory; disruptive coding and modulation-coding systems; Modern concepts of mobile communication development; Digital distribution systems of image; Information protection and security; Strategic management of telecommunications companies and analysis of economic activities; Implementation of new types of service.

In 1998 the presentation of the communication program was conducted at Manchester Metropolitan University (England) and the process of European university training started. In 2002, the diploma attachment was prepared relevant to the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the UNESCO / CEPES model to ensure the international transparency of the awarded qualifications.

In order to conduct joint scientific-research work and lectures cycle the academic staff of the Department of Telecommunications were invited as professors in the United States - Drexel and Cornell Universities, Germany - Darmstadt, Ulm, Constance, and Essen Universities, Denmark - Lyngby University, Sweden – Linköping and Lund Universities, England - Lancaster Universities, where up to 10 doctoral theses were defended under the supervision of our professors.