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26 Jun

Meeting with the Fourth Year Students

On June 20, 2018, the third year students of the Bachelor's Degree Program in Power Engineering and Electrics, for the fourth year of the study, met with the Heads of the Department and the Curator of the Program in order to define the elective blocks and obtain additional information.
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The Department of Radio Engineering and Broadcasting #206

The teaching process on all the three stages at the Department is carried out by the Educational program -"Telecommunication".

The bachelor’s program is divided into the following modules: Radio engineering systems and radio communication and broadcasting. The master’s program includes the following directions: Radio engineering systems; Antenna techniques; Electromagnetic ecology; Fields of research at Doctoral studies are: technical electrodynamics and distribution of radio waves; The theory and design of antennas; Signal theory; Radio signals.

Professors and specialists of the Department have published scientific papers in the scientific publications of the United States and Europe (professors: F. Bogdanov, N. Ughrelidze, S. Gdzelishvili). Dozens of master and doctoral theses are defended under the supervision of the department professors.

In 1993-94, Prof. S. Gdzelishvili was invited to the Cornell University in the United States to conduct scientific works.

The students have opportunity to use the modern teaching-scientific laboratories equipped with computers and computer programs as well as virtual laboratories created on the basis of modern technologies.

The students of the department also have the opportunity to use the library where is wide variety of modern textbooks and supporting literature both in Georgian and foreign languages (printed and electronic).