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26 Jun

Meeting with the Fourth Year Students

On June 20, 2018, the third year students of the Bachelor's Degree Program in Power Engineering and Electrics, for the fourth year of the study, met with the Heads of the Department and the Curator of the Program in order to define the elective blocks and obtain additional information.
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The Department of Hydro-Energetics and Main Pipeline Systems #208

The Department unites: Bachelor’s teaching modules - "Hydro-Energy Equipment" and "Hydroelectric Power Engineering" of the educational program “Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering”, specialization of Master's - "Hydro Power Engineering", and Doctoral studies.

Scientific interests of the department staff combine research on the following issues: Calculation of optimal parameters and modes of different types of hydroelectric power stations (including small capacity) and hydro-accumulating power plants, pumping stations, hydro-energy equipment and systems; Perfection of the theory and practice of reliable exploitation of oil-pipelines, of oil-product lines. They actively participate in scientific conferences, at the same time publish scientific works and manuals.

The department staff are involved in resolving problems of hydropower equipment at different power stations of Georgia in the direction of audit and expert assessment of hydropower technological equipment and other works.

Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral students are involved in the department's activities by participating in a number of grant projects and scientific conferences. The students also visit the power stations of Georgia together with the Department staff in order raise awareness and gain knowledge.

Based on the concept of the priority development of the hydropower in the country, the given specialties are currently highly demanded and therefore have a wide range of employment. This trend will be maintained in the near future.

All three educational level graduates of the department are successfully working at: hydro power plants of the Georgian energy system, pump stations, water supply facilities, main oil and gas pipeline exploitation organizations, industrial and commercial enterprises, public organizations, governmental structures, consulting firms and agencies, international organizations, power engineering companies, including leadership positions.