01 Jul

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26 Jun

Meeting with the Fourth Year Students

On June 20, 2018, the third year students of the Bachelor's Degree Program in Power Engineering and Electrics, for the fourth year of the study, met with the Heads of the Department and the Curator of the Program in order to define the elective blocks and obtain additional information.
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The Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics #204

The department was created in 2013 on the basis of two directions, namely, the electrical engineering and industrial electronics. Currently, the department is headed by full professor Simon Nemsadze, who works at the Technical University since 1974.

Electrical engineering is a field of science and technology studying the issues of electricity generation and its practical use. The wide spread of electro technique is explained by the fact that power energy has several advantages over other types of energy. Particularly, it gives the possibility of concentrated production of high power electricity; is easily transmitted to the place of consumption; is easily distributed in electrical networks; is easily transformed into other types of energy, etc. The above mentioned issues are studied in the direction of electrical engineering of the department. In all three stages of teaching (bachelor’s, master's, doctoral) complete diagnosis of electro-technics and energy equipment is specifically studied by using modern methods of science. 5 full professors, 4 associate professors, 3 assistant professors and 3 senior teachers are employed in this direction.

Electronics - science studying appliance of the electronic devices, based on the control of electrons and other charged particles flow. Such devices are, for example, electronic tubes and semiconductor elements. In general, systems in electronics are divided into two, analog and digital parts. Analog electronics studies the continuous electrical processes in time and the electrical equipment used in such processes. Digital electronics studies electrical appliances used in processing discrete electrical signals. The above mentioned issues are studied in the Industrial Electronics direction of the Department. In all three stages of the teaching (bachelor's, master's, doctoral) the main focus is made on studying industrial electronic equipment by using modern methods of science. 3 full professors, 3 associate professors, 1 assistant professor and 2 senior teachers are employed in this direction.