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26 Jun

Meeting with the Fourth Year Students

On June 20, 2018, the third year students of the Bachelor's Degree Program in Power Engineering and Electrics, for the fourth year of the study, met with the Heads of the Department and the Curator of the Program in order to define the elective blocks and obtain additional information.
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The Department of Electric Power and Electro-mechanics #203

The department unites Bachelor’s teaching modules - "Electric Power Stations, Networks and Systems", "Electromechanics", "Management in Power Engineering ", "Electric Power Supply" and "Automated Electric Actuator" - of the educational programs of the faculty of "Power Engineering and Telecommunications". The educational program also covers master's specialties - "Electric Power Stations, Networks and Systems", "Electro-mechanics", "Management in Power Engineering" and doctoral studies.

The aim of the educational program processed by the Department is to prepare competitive staff on the free market in the field of energy and electrical engineering. For this purpose, it is necessary to transfer the electrical power of a high voltage network to long distance, its proper distribution among consumers, regulating the parameters of electric regimes, acquiring knowledge of preliminary management of electrical systems. It also envisages the study of the installation, deployment, testing, exploitation and repairs of energy equipment and devices, the methods of improving non-traditional sources of energy, energy efficiency technologies and energy system reliability.

The teaching-scientific laboratory base equipped with modern technologies existing on the department base serves the purpose of carrying out educational programs established by the Department:

1. The latest laboratory for digital relay protection installed by the American company SEL (SCHWEITZER ENGINEERING LABORATORIES);

2. The latest teaching-scientific laboratory base of high voltage equipment delivered free of charge by the German firm "Hermann Matern" Drezden.

3. The program is implemented by ATPDrow, which is intended for calculation of excessive power caused by commutation.

4. Laboratory of diagnostics of high voltage electric power at modern level.

5. A virtual laboratory of electric energy quality, where it will be possible to analyze and evaluate the quality of electrical energy caused by various reasons in the high voltage transmission network through computer modeling.

Virtual laboratories of different disciplines operate in the department (power plants, networks and systems, electric cars, transformers, etc.). Computer technologies are also widely implemented in other disciplines.

The Department has significantly improved the provision of students with textbooks in their native language (electronic versions, book fund):

G. Makharadze - "Electric Power (Electrical) Systems". 2017 year.

G. Makharadze, T. Jikia - "Power Stations Networks", 2017

A. Kokhtashvili - "Electric Stations and Substations", 2018

R. Arveladze - "Energy Crisis in Georgia", 2017

Sh. Nachkebia, M. Rukhvadze - "Modern Sources of Electric Energy Processing", 2017

E. Gersamia - "Technological Grounds for Constructing Electric Machines", 2017