Georgian Technical University
Institute Of Structures, Special  Systems and Engineering Maintenance

Mamuka Sanikidze

Personal Information
Date of Birth: February 3, 1958
Marital Status: Have wife and two children.

1964-1975 – Tbilisi #102 secondary school;
In 1980 he graduated Structural Department of the Georgian Polytechnic Institute and by diploma is Industrial and Civil Engineer;
In 1983-1986 he studied in Construction Engineering Institute of Moscow on postgraduate course of Department of Metal Construction;
In 2004 he graduated the full course on “The Joint Military-engineering Maintenance of Battle Operations and Operations” in Military-Engineering Academy of General Staff of Georgian Armed Forces. He is a Major of Georgian Armed Forces

In 2006 he defended a thesis on: “The shaping peculiarity, operation and Engineering methods of calculation of Variable Curvature, Compound, net-shaped metal casings”, specialty – “Engineering structures and buildings” he was awarded by degree of Doctor.
He has published 13 scientific works.

Working Experience:
1980-1981 – Tester of Department of Metal Constructions of the Georgian Polytechnic Institute;
1981-1982 – Engineer of Special Constructional Bureau of the Georgian Polytechnic Institute;
1986-2000 – He was working as collaborator, head of sector, head of department, deputy designer in Institute of Space Construction; he also was a member of scientific board of institute. By the order of President of Georgia he was awarded with a medal for participation in project to create the first Georgian Space Construction – “Reflector”;
2001-2006 – Deputy Chief and Chief of Educational – Methodological Department of Georgian Military-Engineering Academy of General Staff of Georgian Armed forces;
2006 - up to day – Chef of department of Theoretical Researches of Military-Engineering Art and Preparation of Educational Programs of Institute of Structures, Special Systems and Engineering Maintenance of the Georgian Technical University; member of scientific board of institute.

Contact Information:
Tel. Office: (+995 32) 33-77-87;
Mob: (+995 99) 95-04-43.

Address: № 68b Kostava str., Tbilisi, Georgia. Institute Of Structures, Special Systems
and EngineeringMaintenance of Georgian Technical University.
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