Georgian Technical University
Institute Of Structures, Special  Systems and Engineering Maintenance

Omar Lanchava

Date of birth: 1952.14.10
Marrital status: married

Education: Georgian Polytechnic Institute (Now Georgian Technical
University), Mining-Geology Department, Speciality - Mining Mechanical Engineer

1975 Candidate of Technical Sciences, Ph.D., Speciality - Operation
and Processing of Coal, Ore and Non-Ore Deposits

1998 Doctor of Technical Sciences, Speciality - Phisycal Processes
of Mining Production
Number of proceedings: 98

Brief Emploiment History:
1970-2008 G.Tsulukidze Mining Institute, Junior Scientist, Senior Scientist, Leading Scientist, Head of Laboratory “Mining Thermal Physic”, Chief Scientist
2000-2005 Georgian Technical University, Professor (Part-Time Job)
2003-2006 Military-Engineering Academy of General Staff of Georgian Armed forces _ Senior Scientist
2006 - up to day The Institute of Structures, Special Systems and Engineering Maintenance of the Georgian Technical University - Senior Scientist

Contact Info:
Phone: 360-311
Mobile: 899-938-629

Address: № 68b Kostava str., Tbilisi, Georgia. Institute Of Structures, Special Systems
and EngineeringMaintenance of Georgian Technical University.
E-mail: Telephone: (+995 32) 36 52 37; 33 09 36 Fax: (+995 32)  36 52 38;