Georgian Technical University
Institute Of Structures, Special  Systems and Engineering Maintenance

Germane Khitalishvili
Candidate of Technical Science

Personal information
Date of birth: The 1st of January, 1936
Marital status: married, wife and one son

1944-1955 Dusheti Regional Aranisi Village Secondary School
1955 - 1960 Faculty of Mechanic Machinery Construction of the Georgian Polytechnic Institute;
1962 - 1963 Advance Training Courses for the GPI Engineering Technical personnel
1969 - 1971 Postgraduate Study at the Stankin Moscow Institute of Machines Tools and Tools Production – (Мос. Станкин)

Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Engineer
1976 Defense of a thesis at the session of the Specialized Scientific Board of the specified Institute
(Мос. Станкин)
Cipher 05.02.02.
Theme of the thesis: “Frictional Harmonic Variator with Hemispherical Elastic Membrane Elements”
Amount of published works
He has published 21 scientific works, 19 invention

Work experience
1961-1968 Design Technological Scientific Research Institute of Machine Building and Electrical Engineering (PTNIIM) of the Ministry of the USSR Ministry of Machine-Tool Construction and Tool Production (Chief Technician, Engineer, Junior Research Assistant, Senior Research Assistant)
1972-1974 Deputy Chief of the 14th Department of the same Institute; the Chief of the Special-Purpose Small-Capacity Porthole Sector
1974-1976 The Chief of the 10th Department of the Tbilisi Branch of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Automatics and Hydraulics of the USSR Ministry of Defense
1985-1988 Lections at the Georgian Polytechnic Institute (hourly job) – Technology of Small-Capacity Electric Engines
1976-1992 Scientific Industrial Association “Tbilisi Electric Drive”; Chief of the Design-Engineering Technological Department; Deputy Chief Engineer of the Association; Chief Technologist
1992-1996 Scientific Industrial Firm “Electro-90” – Chief Technologist
1996–2005 The Chief of the 11th Department of the Military Scientific Center “Delta”
Since 2000 Institute of Constructions, Special Systems and Engineer Support of the State Tbilisi University - Senior Research Assistant

Contact information
Telephone:(+995 32) 96 25 35
Mobile: (+995 55) 60 33 25

Address: № 68b Kostava str., Tbilisi, Georgia. Institute Of Structures, Special Systems
and EngineeringMaintenance of Georgian Technical University.
E-mail: Telephone: (+995 32) 36 52 37; 33 09 36 Fax: (+995 32)  36 52 38;