Georgian Technical University
Institute Of Structures, Special  Systems and Engineering Maintenance

Zurab Geladze
Doctor of Technical Sciences

Born on 28 September, 1952

In 1974 I graduated from Bridges and Tunnels Department of Polytechnic Institute of Georgia and was granted qualification of a roads engineer.

I defended Ph.D. thesis “Calculation of hyperbolic paraboloid shells considering seismic impact” in 1989.

I’ve published 18 scientific researches.

In 1974-1977 I worked as an engineer at Design Institute attached to the Ministry of Motor Roads of Georgia.

In 1977-1994 I held position of a junior scientist at the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Seismic Stability of the Georgian Academy of Sciences.

I served as an associate professor at Bridges and Tunnels Department of Georgian Technical University in 1994-2007.

From 2007 up to now I’ve held position of the Managing Director of IDM Ltd.

Contact Info:
Home tel.: (+995 32) 37 68 97
Office tel.: (+995 32) 39 00 12
Mobile: (+995 77) 50 81 01

Address: № 68b Kostava str., Tbilisi, Georgia. Institute Of Structures, Special Systems
and EngineeringMaintenance of Georgian Technical University.
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