Georgian Technical University
Institute Of Structures, Special  Systems and Engineering Maintenance

Abesalom Chapodze

Personal Data
Date of birth: October 10, 1960.
Marital Status: Married. Four Children.

1977-82 studied and graduated Kutaisi Polytechnic Institute
Construction and road-building Machinery and equipment. Mechanical engineer.

Computer Skills. AutoCAD, Autodesk, Inventor.

Work experience
1982-1986 Tbilisi Hardware empirical experimental factory. Position: Design engineer 1 category;
1986-2005 Joint stock company "Graali-92" Position: Hardware shop superintendent;
2005-till present: The Institute of Constructions, Special Systems and Engineering
Maintenances of Georgian Technical University. Research Worker
During employment at the Institute of Constructions, Special Systems and Engineering Maintenances of Georgian Technical University participated in designing, calculation and
preparation of shop drawings for various metal structures. ..

During employment with JSC "Graali-92" participated in designing, making and erecting of metal structures, namely:
. Designing of a sliding form for construction of a 16-storey monolithic house.
. Designing of bituminous concrete plant. Designing, making and erecting of a concrete
mixing station.
. Designing and making for Republic of Turkey a self-propelling mounting for tunnel
concreting on the motor roads.
. Participated in: designing and making of the first Georgian balance bridge.
. Designing and making of a tunnel driving unit "АПБ-100" for Trans-Caucasian railway.

From 1986 till 2005 most of the reinforced concrete motor bridges in Georgia were made and mounted with his direct participation, namely:
. a 264 m long bridge on r. Kura near Mtskheta,
. a 260 m long bridge on r. Aragvi near Tsitsamuri,
. a 312 m long bridge on r. Dzirula near Kharagauli,
. a 104 m long bridge near Maltakva, a 580 m long bridge in Sarpi, etc.
. Repair bridge with “Geoengineering” and BP Joint Contract on r. Kura near Dviri,
. Repair apartment houses with “Geoengineering” and BP Joint Contract on terminal Supsa.
. Manufacturing metallic construction with “Geoengineering” and BP Joint Contract in
Bakuriani, sector Codiana

Contact data
1 Chichinadze Street, block 6, flat 34. Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: (+99532) 70 97 43
Mob: (+99555) 12 09 36 Fax. (995 32) 36 52 38

Address: № 68b Kostava str., Tbilisi, Georgia. Institute Of Structures, Special Systems
and EngineeringMaintenance of Georgian Technical University.
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