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The First Georgian Space object – “Reflector” and It's Test in Space


  • The first Georgian space object was created in Georgia, by the officials of Georgian Institute of Space constructions – Georgian Scientists, Engineers and Technical officers.
  • Creation of the first Georgian space object was undertaken by the company - “Georgian Polytechnic Intellect”.
  • The first Georgian Space object was tested on the orbital station “Mir” and the experiment was supported by the Georgian Russian Company “Energia-GPI-Space”. Antenna was delivered in space by Rocket Corporation “Energia”.
  • The first Georgian space object was produced and assembled in “Tbilaviamsheni”.
  • The full cycle test of the first Georgian Space object had place in stand hall of Georgian Institute of Space Constructions.

Test of the first Georgian space object in open space held on July 23-28, 1999 and finished successfully, after experiment it pulled away from the station “Mir” and moved to autonomous orbit.

The main characteristics of the first Georgian space object:

Shape – offset, parabolic
Maximal and minimal sizes in opened position – 6,4 and 5,5 m.
Weigh – 38 kg.
Height – 1,1 m.
Opening time – 9 min.

Elguja Medzmariashvili
General Designer of the First Georgian Space Object “Reflector”



While creating the first in the history of our country Georgian space object I was thinking about the prestige of Georgia.
When I work for the development of the national military engineering sphere, I serve to Georgian public interest.

Elguja Medzmariashvili
  • Doctor of Military Science
  • Doctor of Technical Science
  • Professor
  • Major-General
  • Corresponding member of Georgian National Academy
  • Cavalier of Vakhtang Gorgasali I degree and Honour Orders (decoration)
  • Laureate of State Premium.

Elguja Medzmariashvili - General Constructor of The Institute of Structures, Special Systems and Engineering Maintenance of Georgian Technical University, Senior Scientific officer and head of the Scientific Union published more than 250 scientific works,  and from them worthy to mention:

“Convertible Space and ground systems”
“Basics of The Georgian Military-Engineering Doctrines”

Elguja Medzmariashvili is author, senior constructor and General constructor of many state strategic defense programs, International works and Constructions created mainly in Georgia.
Views of the first Georgian Space Object – “Reflector”

In Factory "TbilAviaMsheni"

Stand Hall of Georgian Institute of Space Constructions, Tbilisi

First Georgian Space Object "Reflector" in Open Space

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