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Project Title: Cognitive, Genetic and Neural Integrated Models for the Sustainable Development of the Regions

Research manager of the project: Oleg M. Namicheishvili, Professor, Dr. Sci. (Tech.)

Leading organization: Georgian Technical University          

What are we going to do?


Research strategy means processing of methodological basics which provide elaboration of concept of region sustainable development with the integrated use of cognitive, genetic and neural models.

According to project goals the main accent will be made on selection and analysis of indicators which characterise of region economic stability, model creation and
stimation, elaboration of different scenarios and selecting the best scenario.

For implementing of this strategy, solution of the following tasks is planned:

Contemporary problems of region's sustainable development will be thoroughly studied and analyzed on the examples of developed countries.

Region's development model will be designed, which will enable researchers to choose the acceptable development scenario for specific stage.
For these purposes some tasks will be solved:

1. System formalization of region development problems, the criteria of a sustainable development will be entered. Criteria will be grouped in blocks. It will be carried out the relative analysis for them.

2. The forms of sustainability will be determined: non-sustainable development, hypersustainability, global sustainability, approximately sustainable development and absolutely sustainable systems. Economic diagnostics of region and task of innovative development estimation will be determined also.

3. On the basis of mathematical model, minimization of the local goals will be suggested. Among the local goals will be chosen more important goals. They are
determine the variables which variations gives us possibility to find the scenario for regional sustainable development which generates continuous sinergy in conditions of
development and limited resources. The preconditions for local goals' minimization task are:

·  Construction of inter-related tree of sustainable development factors where the highest level is sustainable development, the lowest level is local goals which determine sustainable development;

·  Elaboration of estimation model of interaction quality of factors which means experts participation and will be based on statistical data.

·  Defining the weight of goals on the basis of mathematical model and entropy approach as well as choosing of the high importance goals from the local goals.

4. On the principles of cognitive modeling will be developed the mathematical model for the region sustainable development. This model will include:

·  Structural and target analysis for goals contradiction defining;

·  Self-development model, which is based on the no controllable strategy of a process of a sustainable development and gives prognosis for not prospects or
decreasing of development.

·  Model with control (control scenario). By using prognosis of this model it is possible to improve regional development.

5. Each paragraph of the above suggested methodology will be used for formalization of Gori region development  model.  Appropriate researches  for  choosing  of best  development  scenario will be undertaken.



What’s the objective?


The Main goal of the project is definition of the direction of Georgian regions sustainable development. In order to achieve this goal, system formalization of Georgia's region development problems will be executed. On a basis of principles of cognitive modeling, neural information science and genetic approaches will be developed the mathematical model for a sustainable development of the regions of Georgia. Will be selected the regulating mechanisms and will be processed various scenarios also, then will be hosen the scenario which provides regions sustainable development. From the obtained common mathematical model by changing of parameters will be possible to elaborate
concept of sustainable development for separate regions. Model for sustainable development will be developed and implemented in Gori region. In the framework of this
project it is considered creation of proper algorithms and software for automatization of research processes.