Natural Hazard Scientific‐Research Center

The study of the problem of natural hazards, including earthquakes, is one of the major issues in the natural sciences, in particular the earth sciences. This issue is of vital importance for Georgia, because our country is located in a seismically active region of the Caucasus.

This issue has been studied since the end of the last century by a scientific group led by Dr. of Manana Kachakhidze and  Dr. of Nino Kachakhidze-Murphy. The scientists from the Abastumani Astrophysics Observatory, Tbilisi State University, Georgian university. were included in the research process at different times.

The group has some achievements in the study of earthquake problems: the model of electromagnetic radiation generation before the earthquake, the methodology and methods of earthquake prediction have been developed. These studies solved the problem of earthquake prediction.

In addition, the scientific group studied the issue of the possibility of modernizing the existing electromagnetic radiation recording networks, the electromagnetic radiation receiving device has been improved, it is created a completely different and innovative vision to seismic risk assessment and reduce the accumulated tectonic stress in the focus of an expected strong earthquake.

The scientific group is well known in the international scientific sphere.

In order to facilitate the further work of the scientific group and to improve relations with foreign countries, the "Natural Hazards Scientific-Research Center" was established by the resolution of the Senate of the Technical University of Georgia on April 29, 2021,  where are gathered the main researchers of the scientific group.