02 Oct

National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic for the 2022/2023 academic year

Information on scholarships in Slovakia, according to which an online webinar on training and research scholarships was held on September 29, 2022 at 15:00 CET
02 Oct

International Youth Summit "Open world"

See the information about the Georgian side's participation in the international youth summit "Open world". The summit will be held on October 27-31, 2022 in Serbia, organized by the "Together for Youth - Prof. Dr. Danica Grujičiċ"
26 Sep

Delightful Antalya & Istanbul Winter School 21 Jan - 04 Feb 2023

We are happy to inform you that our renowned winter school program “Delightful Antalya & Istanbul Winter School 2023” is now open and admissions have started. Both undergraduate and post graduate students can apply to this program.
26 Sep

ERASMUS+ exchange programs

ERASMUS+ exchange programs in Turkey and France
21 Sep

Public lecture: "How to turn investing into impact?"

A public lecture by Luciano Balbo, founder of Oltre Venture, a company managing impact investment funds in Italy, with many years of experience in the field of private capital, on the topic: "Investing for impact - European experience and trends"
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Public Administration and E-Business

Department of Public Administration and E-Business


  1. Iashvili Genady - Professor
  2. Doghonadze Shota - Professor
  3. Tsatsanashvili Mariam – Professor
  4. Baghaturia Giorgi - Professor
  5. Iashvili Tinatin - Professor
  6. Iashvili Irine - Professor
  7. Kochoradze Otar -  Professor
  8. Baghaturia Otar - Associated Professor
  9. Doghonadze Sopio - Associated Professor
  10. Ovsianikova Nunu - Associated Professor
  11. Revazishvili Tamar - Associated Professor
  12. Sherezadishvili Besik - Associated Professor
  13. Tsverava Zaza - Assistant – Professor
  14. Katamadze Nato - Assistant – Professor
  15. Adeishvili Avtandil - Assistant – Professor
  16. Gurgenidze Rati - Assistant – Professor
  17. Glonti Tamta - Assistant – Professor
  18. Kurashvili Tamila - Assistant