Cretan Graphic & Babylonian Astro-Chronological Systems in Georgian Alphabet and Monuments

Conference Aims

The Conference aims to discuss the Georgian Asomtavruli Alphabet as a highly complex system of mathematical, geometric, astronomical, chronological and religious systems concealed in the interpenetrating layers of the alphabetic mechanism. Presenters will also focus on the analysis of various artifacts concerning ancient scholarship, and the scope of their geographical spread. 
It is also the purpose of the Conference to direct the attention of world scholars towards the necessity of carrying out a systemic examination of the knowledge encoded in the alphabet. The latter embraces not only the Georgian writing scrip, but also the world’s writing systems and huge scientific lore accumulated in the history of mankind.


The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Georgian Asomtavruli as a complex writing system;
  • Georgian Asomtavruli and astronomy;
  • Georgian Asomtavruli and exact sciences (mathematics, geometry, chronology);
  • Georgian Asomtavruli and ancient writing systems (Sumerian, Egyptian, Cretan, Phoenician, etc.);
  • Georgian Asomtavruli – its origin and dating;
  • Georgian Asomtavruli and archaeology.


Other fields:
Ancient history
Archaic Mathematics


Working languages  Georgian, English, Russian