Prof. Otar Zumburidze

Head of the International Relations and Standards Office

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the Engineering subjects and studies in the modern World.

Thus soon after the beginning of our collaboration with the SDSU importance of ABET accreditation came into sight. It is due to the fact that ABET – Worldwide accepted accreditation would open the wide opportunities to students of the University as well as to the Institution itself to find one’s appropriate level in the World University Rating list. GTU is one among the other Engineering long living Institutions with the long-standing roots and traditions in the sphere of engineering teaching/studies and deserves that the programs will be aligned with the international standards and quality. The following programs:

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Computer Engineering

will make the appropriate improvements whether in the curriculums or would it be the other ABET international requirements of standards.

I am honored, like the whole team, to participate in this process and sure that the website will transparently observe the whole process and thus support and facilitate its successful promotion.