Erasmus+ - GTU Faculty of Transport Systems and Mechanical Engineering Representative STT Mobility at UA

Within the framework of the International Staff Mobility Program of the Erasmus + KA107 project, Associate Professor Boris Gitolendia from the Faculty of Transport Systems and Mechanical Engineering of Georgian Technical University, visited University of Alicante (Alicante, Spain) for training during May 1-7, 2022.

Boris Gitolendia was hosted by Prof. José Luis Oliver Ramírez, Director of the International Mobility Office at the University of Alicante. Mr. Gitolendia attended various events organized by the host university, including meetings at the faculties of Economics and Business as well as Civil Engineering. Meetings were held with the faculty coordinators of the International Office and the academic staff of the above mentioned faculties.

During the visit in various public and business meetings, workshops and presentations were discussed possibilities for implementation of joint projects and future perspectives. Extensive presentations about the Georgian Technical University were presented at all the meetings by Boris Gitolendia.

The purpose of the visit was to activate staff mobility within ERASMUS+ and increase capacity to strengthen international cooperation and internationalization. The visit to the University of Alicante was made within the framework of the Erasmus+ exchange project, coordinated by the University of Alicante.


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