Erasmus+ - STA Mobility of the Representative of GTU Faculty of Engineering Economic, Media Technology and Social Sciences at Polytechnic Institute of Beja

On 18-22 October 2021, lecturer Tinatin Tcharkhalashvili from GTU Faculty of Engineering Economic, Media Technology and Social Sciences visited Polytechnic Institute of Beja (Portugal) within Erasmus+ ICM Meeting on Business Management, Tourism and Computer Science: Eastern European, Balkan and Mediterranean Perspectives.

Within this International Week event, 13 participants visited Polytechnic Institute of Beja from Georgia (Georgian Technical University, Georgian American University, University of Georgia) and Ukraine (Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies).

Ms. Tinatin Tcharkhalashvili took part in Erasmus+ mobility for teaching activities at the project coordinator university. Young Georgian researcher delivered presentations and lectures for students and academic staff for the School of Technology and Management. The lectures were related to the basic functions and aspects of ‘’Sociology of Management’’.

Welcome meeting at School of Technology and Management (ESTIG) was hosted by Prof. Joao Portugal, Vice President of IPBeja and Prof. Joao Santos, Director of ESTIG. Representatives of the institute interestingly spoke in detail about the establishment of IPBeja and the current situation.

Within the framework of the program, various working meetings were held in a warm and very interesting environment. The conversation was focused on technical issues related to the mobility process, the goals of mobility, sharing of experiences and future perspectives.

Assist. Prof. Tinatin Tcharkhalashvili, together with participants of other European universities visited ESTIG Research Centres and Labs. LabTur-Tourism Laboratory was organized by Prof. Victor Figuiera and LabSI2-Infromation Systems Laboratory and Interactivity - by Prof. Luis Bruno. As for the visit to IPBeja Business Incubator and presentation of the DEMOLA and POLIEMPREENDE projects, it was provided by Prof. Fernanda Pereira and Prof. Fernando Teixeira.

The mobility program covered social and cultural activities including sightseeing tours kindly organized by the host faculty members.


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