Project PRINTeL - IV Coordination Meeting

On the 16th of November was held IV Coordination Meeting within Erasmus+ PRINTeL project. The online meeting was conducted via the Zoom platform because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the meeting with participation of the project consortium all PC and EU institutional coordinators, Project Coordinator, Prof. Armen Budaghyan (Yerevan State University) extensively discussed planned activities from now on and up to the end of the project (October, 2021), that are to be accomplished within the project implementation.

He also discussed the issues related to the implementation of several additional activities that haven’t been in the initial project work plan but which could be implemented to align some aspects of the project with the new realities caused by Pandemic with respect to the raising awareness and development of innovative teaching and learning at the university.

Special attention was paid to the creation of VATL (Virtual Academy of Teaching and Learning) portal system and the issues related to VATL Forum that will be open to GTU students and staff.

The representative of GTU at IV Coordination Meeting was Assist. Prof. Nino Zhizhilashvili, Deputy Head of International Relations and Standards Office.

For further information on the Project PRINTeL visit the official website of the Project PRINTel and the website of GTU International Relations and Standards Office.


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