Project Creative Spark - "Big Idea Challenge 2020" Completion at GTU

On May 28, the concluding online meeting has been held at GTU within the framework of the British “Creative Spark” global competition “Big Idea Challenge 2020”, where the winner team was announced.

According to the decision of the jury, the winner is "Contacting Agro-Cam" idea. The authors of the mentioned idea are Salome Nepharidze and Ekaterine Khetaguri, students of GTU Faculty of Business Technology. The project management team congratulates the authors of the winner idea.

The winners will be awarded with cash prize of 500 £ and continue their path in “Big Idea Challenge 2020” competition in Georgia.

The jury also identified the top 10 ideas from the participant 18 teams based on the relevant criteria. These ideas and their authors will continue their participation in the competition throughout Georgia.

- top 10 ideas in GTU:

1. Smart Air Monitoring Display System;
2. “Miniatures”;
3. Smart Lamps;
4. Little Grower;
5. Multifunctional ''Delta pen'';
6. Contacting Agro Camp;
7. SmartWear;
8. Greenline;
9. „Tablet soap“;
10. Ecar support.

The competition was being held as part of the British Council funded project "Creative Spark: Entrepreneurial Education Program for Higher Education" and within the partnership of Georgian Technical University and Keele University (UK).


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