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Manager and his Authority

1. The manager is Appointed and Dismissed by the Rector
2. Manager:

A) performs marketing and forecasting analytical research of the labor market, on the basis of which the list of requirements for educational programs are defined considering the modern demands of the society;
B) Supervise the financial and material technical support of the faculty's academic-scientific activities;

C) In order to implement the Faculty Development Strategic Plan, establishes an annual plan for attracting financial and material resources and is responsible for its effective implementation;
D) In accordance with the Dean, the Faculty budget shall be drafted and submitted to the Faculty Board for agreeing;  
E) is responsible for the efficiency and purpose of fulfillment of the Faculty budget;
F) coordinates the student's practices, internships and their further employment process;
  G) Performs the authority defined by the Faculty Statute.

3. The Manager is accountable to the Faculty Board, Rector and Head of Administration.