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Georgian Technical University

Misson, Goals and Tasks

The Faculty of Transportation and Mechanical Engineering is a technical-scientific and administrative division of the Georgian Technical University, preparing qualified specialists majoring in the field of transportation and mechanical engineering.

Transport is an important and permanently evolving field of the country's national economy, the development of the field as a unified transportation system is based on the harmonious merging of all its types (automobile, rail, air, sea and other) and infrastructure (roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, etc.).

Creation of modern mechanical engineering objects and their proper functioning is of utmost importance for the industrial development of the country.
The mission of the Faculty of Transportation and Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Georgia is to conduct scientific-research activities pertaining to the mentioned fields of the national industry, for providing the necessary quantity of highly qualified specialists and scientific research outcomes.

The aims of the faculty are: to prepare the specialists relevant to European education and qualification (certified specialists with higher professional education, bachelors, masters, doctoral students) and to prepare competitive scientific and technical product.
   The tasks of the faculty are: to prepare the individuals equipped with higher academic education oriented at scientific research – masters and doctors; to prepare the individuals with higher academic and professional education oriented at practical activities – bachelors and certified specialists. Professional improvement and retraining of specialists in transport and mechanical engineering; Implementation of continuous education principles; Involvement of faculty personnel and students in scientific-research activities integrating scientific activities with the learning process; Implementation of scientific-research work outcomes in the learning process and production; to ensure creative relations with the teaching and industrial institutions of the adjacent profile at the local and international level; to raise different kinds of funds in order to conduct high capacity scientific researches; to support mobility of students and personnel.