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Scientific Sector - Georgian Technical University

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 Scientific department is a structural unit of  the Georgian Technical University the main activity of which is to support and develop researches of newest fundamental and applied engineering problems at university departments and scientific-research centers which in the whole ensures getting of education oriented on new, contemporary scientific achievements.

The page below is attempted for wide distribution of the results received in the issue of scientific centers, researchers and researches operating in Georgian Technical University.

Scientific activity at Georgian Technical University

Traditionally Georgian Technical University represents a leading engineering higher school, as well as, a powerful scientific center the authority of which is invariably high for contemporary leading scientific collectives of the world.

At scientific centers and laboratories of Georgian Technical University for many decades scientific-research works were and are carried out in such important directions as: information technologies, metallurgical and chemical technologies, biotechnology, science of machines and mechanical engineering, aeronautics and astronautics, civil engineering and architecture, communications and power engineering, transport, mining, geology, etc.

At present the following scientific and scientific-educational centers are working at Georgian Technical University:

  1. Scientific-engineering-educational center in heat engineering. Manager – Prof. A.Beroshvili;
  2. Sensory scientific center. Manager – Prof. M.Tabutsidze;
  3. Republic center for structural researches (RCSR). Manager – Prof. E.Kutelia;
  4. Scientific center of diamonds and composite materials. Manager – Prof. N.Loladze;
  5. Scientific center of virtual computer technologies. Manager – Prof. D.Kereselidze;
  6. Scientific research center of technical diagnostics. Manager – Prof. I.Zedginidze;
  7. Department of research, design, restoration-reinforcement and construction of buildings and engineering communications. Manager – Prof. R.Imedadaze;
  8. Scientific-design department of hydrotechnical systems. Manager – Prof. M.Kalabegashvili;
  9. Institute of special systems of buildings and engineering provision. Manager – N.Tsignadze; 
  10. Republican center of research, diagnostics and reprocessing of geology and mineral matter. Manager – Prof. N.Poporadze.
  11. Engineering service center of the Transportation and Mechanaical engineering faculty of GTU. Manager - Prof. G.Goletiani.
  12. Research Center for Medical Polimers and Biomaterials. Manager - Prof. R.Katsarava