The Museum Of Mineral Ore

The teaching-educational museum of useful minerals was founded in the 20 ies of 20 century, along with the establishment of Applied Geology Chair. At present, the museum is located on the fourth floor of the Georgian Technical University, building (III) of the Mining and Geology Faculty and occupies 240 sq. / m area. It consists of two exhibition halls.

The museum exhibit was purchased or acquired free of charge through exchange from various ores of the former Soviet Union and other countries of the world by well -documented samples , collected during the contractual field work.

At present more than 5000 samples collected in the museum, are not only for cognitive and educational purposes, but its significant part is of scientific nature. The museum exhibits all mines and useful fossil of Georgia are well-researched and geologically systematic and of educational and research character .

The museum in 2001-2002 participated in the exhibition held in Germany under the aegis of the presidents of Germany and Georgia, “ the treasures of Georgia - the country of Golden Fleece”, the catalogue published in Germany reflects the outcomes of the exhibition.

The first hall

There are samples of rocks, ores, minerals from Georgia and different countries characterized to magma, pegmatitic, geyzer, scarnal and hydrothermal processes. There are also geological composites connected with erosion, sediment and infiltration processes.

Great importance is attached to the well-known iron metamorphogenic ores -classified samples according to the Kursk magnatic anomaly and Krivoirog geological aspect

In the same hall there are classified samples of iron scarnal (Dashkesan) and sediment (Kerch) ores. In all of these listed windows in the inner boxes, there are the samples of scientific and research importance .

More than 100 of different size tiling stones of Georgia are exhibited separately.


The second hall.

The samples from Georgian ores and mines are in this hall. Here are exposed scientifically systemized   exhibits for export and educational research purposes. The vivid maquettes of mine careers and the ore of Zophkhito antimony are represented here.

Dozens of specimens are preserved in the store boxes of the museum, the specimen can be used for educational and scientific purposes as well.