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The Mineralogical Society of Georgia was founded on the basis of the traditions of the existed Mineralogical Society.

We try to contribute to the development and popularization of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences in Georgia.

We’ll propagate the geological scientific achievements in Georgia throughout the world; we’ll cooperate with higher educational institutions and enterprises in this field.

We’ll constantly renew our data and add some more information; accordingly we’ll try to make everything more informative.

With the support of community members with educated, critical and creative skills we will conduct research on the fundamental problems of geological fields.

We will support the wide popularization of geology sciences and practical issues.

The mineral society of Georgia was elected as member of the International Mineral Association.

We congratulate community members and all the geologists on joining the International Mineralogical Association of Mineralogical Society of Georgia and wish you success. It is a great achievement and victory for all geologists.

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