Dance orchestra

  • The first step to create the dance orchestra  was made in 1932 at the Politachnical Institute. Professor NikolozTevzadze was the  person, who led and formed the first  brass band. The orchestra has existed for ten years. Renewed orchestra was led by Robert Shahnazarovi and KoteKargareteli, since that time membership and the leadership of the orchestra has changed many times, but it hasn’t lost the popularity. Duringthe career of the orchestra, all the  tickets were completely sold out. It successfully held ravils against  the most popular musical bands.

  • GTU’s orchestra said the new word not only in Georgian Pop art’s development, butbrought a lot of news on the stage, which has withstood the test of time. This was the first orchestra, which has raised compere’s role, formed the vocal quarter and trio, established new themes and forms, lead to creation of national  faces, set up the humor, Georgian word, song, dance, jazz improvisation. Nani Bregvadze, our famous singer, made the first steps on this stage, it was here when  Irma Sokhadze made her first musical steps; This was the stage, where unique JildaDatuashvili left enternal reminder to her beloved listeners.

  • From 1990s, the orchestra temporarily stopped its existance, because of  the current situation in the country, however with the personal initiative of the rector of Georgian Technical university the orchestra has managed to be restored. Restored orchestra is led by the former leader Giorgi Kalandadze

Theatre-studio “ Modi Nakhe” 

  • Georgian Technical University’s theatre-studio “ Modi Nakhe” is widely known for the art lovers. The first drama troupe was founded in 1945 by the Polytechnic Institute students, which was headed by  Architecture Faculty student, Dorian Kitia. Later the theatre troupe was directed by the Georgian theatre prominent figures such as - AvtandilImnadze, NodarChkheidze, KoteMakhar
adze, MikheilTumanishvili, Boris Tsipuria and etc. From 1975 to the present days, the troupe is headed by NugzarButskhrikidze 

From 1945 to the present days, more than 200 Georgian and foreigner authors’ plays were staged at the theatre of Georgian Technical University. The performances were shown with great success in Georgia and on the other country’s stages ( The USA, The UK, Germany, Japan, Holland, Finland, Russia and etc.)

The plays performed by the troupe have won a lot of award. The theatre is on its way to a brilliant career. During the last several years there were big changes among the members of the troup. The old generation was completely replaced by the new generation ,mostly by the students from the different faculties. 

Nowadays the theatre estimates approximately 40 amateur and several specially invited professional actors/actresses.

It is the place of  “ theatrical christening” of the representatives of the Arts and culture. it should be mentioned that  the great number of  these representatives continues their activities not only on the stages  of Georgian theatre but they perform on the stages of the theaters of foreign countries.

Nowadays  the theatre’s repertory contains: N.Dumbadze’s “ I see the sun”, D.Turashvili’s “Tomorrow they will fly above our garden”, V. Korostilevi’s “Pirosmani”, R.Kldiasivili’s “ Iadona’s theatre”, and “Piloni”. In the near future there will be shown N.Dumbadze’s “Verdict of guilty” and O.Ioseliani’s “Six old maids and a man’’

Men’s choir

  • Georgian Technical University’s men’s choir was founded in 1965, its first director and conductor was honored art worker IuzaKubalashvili, who headed the choir during 24 years (1965-1989) Today the choir is named after him.

  • SosoPalavandishvili was the witness of the choir’s success, in 1981 TsitsinoPalavandishvili,his daughter changed his position. From 1989 to the present days MrsTsitsino is men choir’s director and conductor. The choir gained international recognition under her leadership.

  • From 1965 to the present the choir has made lots of concerts in Georgia and other countries ( Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Turkey, Greece and etc.) The choir has gained a lot of recognition, became the prize-winner of the festival, in Vilnius, 1984  at the folk festival, received grand prix. 1989-1991 In Riga at the men’s team competition received a special prize for singing folk songs and the sympathy of the audience;  In Poland 1997 ,at the international folk festival won the grand prix; In Greece  2005 the men’s choir became laureate in the international competition. 2007-2008 took part in the project “Patrinoti”.

  • The choir participates in the annual concerts and other cultural events. In the choir’s repertoire there are Georgian folk songs, Georgian and Western Europe composers choral works, American  spirichuels.

  • Publicaly recognized people started working in the choir,  their working place is music and drama theatre and they are solists. In the choir started working “Blue trio”,” Trio “Tbilisi”, and “String trio”

Choreographic ensemble “Merani”

  • Georgian Technical University’s choreographic ensemble “Merani” was founded in 1934 by famous Georgian dancer JanoBagrationi. From 1993 to the present days the ensemble is led by Georgian well-known artists Nino Lazishvili andTeimurazKobakhidze. Basically the ensemble consist of Georgian Technical University’s students and its graduates.

  • From 2008 “Merani” became a member of the UNESCO, on the same year the ensemble was invented to take part in Giorgi Kalandia’s filming.

  • The ensemble held many concerts in different countries, it is participant and prize-winner as in Georgia, also abroad  ( The USA, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, India, Turkey, Romania, Czech republic, Greece and etc.) 1997-1998 ensemble took the first place and was awarded with the grand prix in the festival “Tbilisi spring”; In Hong kong, 1999  won in the Asia International Musical Festival. In 2001 won the grand prix at the International Festival of Syria; 0n 7-12 July 2009 in Turkey was held International folk dance competition “ ALTIN KARAG ÖZ ‘’   23 countries were taking part. In this competition “Merani” was representative from Georgia and it took the first  place in it.

  • Ensemble “Merani” has sympathy among  the students, the concerts are always held by the students’ request. “Merani” travels to different countries every year.

Group “Ursa”

  • There is also male and female vocal-instrumental ensembles at Georgian Technical University, including the group “Ursa” that was created by GTU’s students in 2010. During  this time, the group held a lot of concerts as in Tbilisi also in Batumi, Telavi and Mtskheta. “Ursa” has participated in many festivals, “ Student days 2011’’ it became the jury’s discovery. Group’s musical course “modern folk” is the same as improvised folk with jazz elements , “Ursa” has chosen original conception, its repertoire combines songs of different regions, with new interpretation.

Esembles “Qartvelo” and “Chela”

  • Georgian folk ensembles “Qartvelo” and “Chela” exist at Georgian Technical University. They actively participate in concerts and television shows. “Chela” is active participant at the “Artgeni” festival and receives  the viewers sympathy. In 2011 great appreciation was given to the ensemble “Qartvelo” 

Women’s ensemble

  • Georgian Technical University’s ensemble was founded in spring 2011 and had already taken part in many festivals and concerts. Women’s ensembles repertoire consists of Georgian folk and songs.