Council of Representatives of Senate

   Jemal Gakhokidze

   Speaker of Representative Council (senate), Doctor of Law

    and Political Sciences, Professor

   Telephone:  (+ 99532) 2 36 53 96

Education, Scientific Degree:

2004  −    Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Doctor of Political 

                 Sciences, PhD topic - "National Security Problems of Georgia".

1987  -     Scientific degree of candidate for legal sciences,  Moscow, Thesis theme

               ,,investigation and inquiry Organization ".

1967-1972 - Faculty of Law, Tbilisi State University..


Work Experience:

2009- to present  −  Professor of  Georgian Technical University.

2010- to present   −  Speaker of the Secretariat of Representative Council (Senate) of Georgian Technical  University.

2017- to present   − Director of Policy and Law Institute of Law and international relations Faculty of Georgian Technical University.

2014-2017            − Director of GTU’s "Legal, Political and Economic Research center for Conflict Resolution"

2004-2009            −   Invited Professor  of  Georgian Technical University.

2004-2005            −   Judge of  Supreme Court.

1999-2004            −   Deputy Secretary of  National Security Council.

1997-1998            −   Minister of  State Security.

1989-2004            −    Associate Professor of  I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

1973-1997            −    Investigator, Chairman of  the Department and Vice- Minister. Ministry of   Internal Affairs of Georgia.

Monographs and textbooks: 8

 Scientific articles: 56       

            Is participant in Summits and 40 local and international conferences:

1)      Report on the problems of combating transnational crimes at the International Summit in Monaco in 2000-2001-2002;

2)      Participation at the World Summit on the adoption of the International Convention on Corruption (Palermo, Italy, 2001);

3)      UN Program Director 2000-2003 − "Study of political and legal aspects of the causes of the Abkhazia conflict". The project was implemented by the National Security Council.

            Have undergone special courses and trainings regarding  reforms of terrorism, narcotizm, corruption and the law enforcement system at ministry of justice of  USA (Washington DC),   federal bureau of investigation office of Hungary (Budapest),  ministry of internal affairs of France (Paris) and federal republic of Germany (in Garmic, 2003).

 Foreign languages​​:  Russian,  German    



            Awarded with  the medals of Honor and Vakhtang Gorgasali  (third degree), other Governmental awards. Has a military rank of General Lieutenant.