Mission, Vision and Values of Georgian Technical University



The mission of the Georgian Technical University, the center of the greatest traditions of science, education and culture – is to train competitive specialists, carriers of national and universal values, civic consciousness; to offer new opportunities in research, education and technology, to facilitate a knowledge-based economy building in the country and conduct innovative activities to integrate into the international ecosystem.


Vision of Georgian Technical University:

·         The vision of GTU is based on Georgian and Western university conceptualizations, which is based on the principles of autonomy, academic freedom, education, unity of teaching and research, principles of equality and transparency, internationalization of the teaching and research processes, on the basis of which it will be possible not only to passively share international experience, but also to participate equally in international scientific achievements;

·         GTU to take its unique place in the modern university space, based on a modern technology and humanity hybrid model;

·         Creation of an intellectual base for the sustainable development of the country's economy;

·         Introduce new organizational units to carry out research and teaching at a high level, which will contribute to the creation of institutional networks between higher education institutions both at the regional and international levels. New organizational units of doctoral and master levels that are inter-faculty university structures (postgraduate schools and collegiums). Highly rated research groups - "Excellent clusters" and facilitators, knowledge transfer structures that identify new research topics, systematically support and strengthen them;

·         Modernization and strengthening of traditional organizational units (faculties, departments, various types of educational and scientific institutes, etc.), since these structures implement the requirements of branch-wise and thematic development necessary for the full functioning of Institutes of Higher Education. In addition to that, traditional structures should interact as positively as possible with new structures, which is a prerequisite for the complexity and dynamism of the development of science. Thus, various levels and variants of the matrix organization are an integral part of the modern university;

·         Development of interdisciplinary education and research that contributes to the identification and development of new fields of knowledge.

Therefore, it is important to maintain and coordinate the sustainability of old and new academic structures.


·         University autonomy is based on the unity of the faculty and students of the university and includes both independence from external factors and internal autonomy;

·         GTU is free from the influence of social, political and religious groups and organizations, but is tolerant to them. Each member of this group freely engages in academic and scientific activities within activities without any restrictions;

·         Academic freedom is an idea that provides types of freedom and the corresponding range of duties defined for higher education institutions, their teachers, administration and students, and uppermost the freedom of research, teaching and learning. Expanding the knowledge boundaries in priority areas of science should be carried out in accordance with the principles of academic freedom, professional ethics and collegiality;

·         For GTU, as a free academic space, the unity of teaching, learning and research is the most important component, which means that in the process of teaching and learning we constantly take into account the latest research results, which will make learning deeper and more diverse, as well as a wider community of achievements, will contribute to the fruitful use of the results of scientific research for public purposes and their adaptation to the curriculum. At the same time, the student must actively participate in the analysis of research processes;

·         GTU is a place where society adapts to live in the uncertain and unpredictable conditions that today's life offers, in the form of the challenges of the "postmodern" era;

·         The principle of equality presupposes the equality of all members of the Georgian Technical University in the management of the Georgian Technical University and in the organization of the educational and scientific process. Any discrimination is not allowed. This principle is mainly implemented by members of the Georgian Technical University with equal participation in the formation of representative governing bodies of the university and the faculty. The principle of transparency implies full transparency of the University's activities, including financial activities. In its activities, GTU is accountable to the public.

The principle of transparency implies full transparency of the University's activities, including financial ones. In its activities, the GTU is accountable to society.