Mission, Vision and Values of Georgian Technical University

The mission of Georgian Technical University:

The mission of Georgian Technical University is to create an academic environment that will enable the individual to be highly qualified , to become an independent person as a full member of free and democratic world; To facilitate public and academic self-development and self-realization of each member of the university, which is a necessary precondition for the existence of a free, democratic society. University is aimed at ensuring this mission:
  • Higher level of academic  education, innovative scientific research, engineering, natural sciences, law, agricultural, humanitarian, social sciences, health care, education and business administration, arts and interdisciplinary fields and specialities (special emphasis on European studies , archeology, architecture, public Governance, military. The aim is to prepare highly qualified individuals in the direction of professional education.Implementation of professional and academic higher education in accordance with the requirements of free market and at the same time preserving the significance  and value of scientific and academic knowledge;
  • Develop and implement  a flexible system of lifelong learning and qualification improvement.Academic freedom of university staff (including academic and scientific personnel, students' freedom of study, teaching and research, unlimited possibilities of mobility.Education, science and community involvement   in the public and state service, regionalization of research and teaching and internships, development of collaboration with higher education and scientific research institutions;

Optimization of function distribution and collegial management system between structural and organizational units of the university.

Vision of Georgian Technical University:

The activities of the university are based on the principles of unity, equality and transparency of autonomy, academic freedom, learning, teaching and research, internationalization of teaching and research processes, based on which it will be possible to pass not only passive international experience but also equal participation in  international scientific achievements;
  • Creating a learning environment where the most important values of cultural humanity - freedom and dignity will be realized;
  • Creation of intellectual base for sustainable development of the economy of the country;
  • Introduction of new organizational units for high standard research and teaching, which will promote establishment of institutional networks between higher education institutions at both regional and international levels.The new organizational units are the Inter- faculty university structures of Doctoral and Master Phase (Graduate Schools and  Colleges). High-ranking groups of  researchers - (Excellent Cluster) Knowledge Transferring Structures that provide the identification of new research topics, their systematic support and strengthening;
  • Modernization and strengthening of traditional organizational units (faculty, field department, different types of research institute, etc.) as  the demand for sectoral and thematic development, being  necessary for functioning of the higher educational Institutions , is carried out in these structures. At the same time, traditional structures should cooperate with new ones, being  a prerequisite for  complex and dynamic  development of science.Thus, the different level and variants of the matrix organization are essential components of modern university;
  • Development of interdisciplinary studies and research facilitating  the identification and development of new field of knowledge.
Therefore, it is necessary to maintain and coordinate the sustainability of old and new academic structures.

  • The autonomy of the university is based on university professors - students' unity and includes both autonomy from outside factors as well as internal autonomy.GTU is free from the influence of social, political and religious groups and organizations, but tolerant towards them.Every representative of this group freely, without any restriction, performs academic and scientific activities there. / Academic Freedom is an idea which provides for the kind of freedom and the relevant responsibilities that are defined for the higher education institutions, teachers, adolescents and students and, first of all, the freedom of research, teaching and learning.Expansion of knowledge boundaries  in priority fields of science  shall be carried out in accordance with the principles of academic freedom, professional ethics and collegiality  principles;
  • The  integrity of teaching, learning and research processes  for GTU as a free academic space,which means tht in teaching and learning  process  , the latest reseach outcomes are taken into account,  this will make learning more profound and diverse, and will provide greater public access to scientific-research achievements, promote the purposeful application  of scientific research outcomes in public utility and adaptation implementation  in the curriculum.At the same time, the student should be actively involved in analyzing the research process; The principle of equality implies equality of all the members in GTU  management and organizing the study-research process.Any kind of discrimination is inadmissible.The realization of these principles is made by GTU members through  equal participation in the formation of representative bodies of the university and the faculty management.
The principle of transparency implies full transparency of the university activities, including financial activities. GTU in  all its activities   is accountable to the public.