International Scientific Conference

III International Conference
«Science and Religion»

Georgian Technical University
Tbilisi, November 4-5, 2014

On November 4-5, 2014, at Georgian Technical University will be conducted III International Scientific Conference “Science and Religion”, organized by Patriarchate of Georgia and Georgian Technical University.
At the Conference will be discussed the issues related to the relationship between science and religion, knowledge and belief.
  • Academician A. Prangishvili
  • Metropolitan Anania Japaridze
Deputies: Protopriest Levan Mateshvili
  • Prof. R. Chikovani
Executive Secretary
  • Prof. I. Gorgidze
Programme Committee:
  • Prof. R. Babayan (Russia)
  • Prof. M. Baldji (Turkey)
  • Prof. G. Bagaturia
  • Prof.T. Batsikadze
  • Prof.S. Vassilyev (Russia)
  • Protopriest V. Vorobyov (Russia)
  • Prof. Z. Gasitashvili
  • A. Grigolishvili
  • Academician Y. Gulyaev (Russia)
  • Academician B. Gusev (Russia)
  • Prof. G. Javakhadze
  • Prof. T. Jagodnishvili
  • Prof.R. Ginevičius (Lithuania)
  • Academician M. Zgurovsky (Ukraine)
  • Prof. O. Zumburidze
  • Protopresbyter Giorgi Zviadadze
  • Prof. Y. Elishakov (USA)
  • Rabbi Bension Israelashvili
  • Prof. N. Kekelidze
  • Prof. L. Klimiashvili
  • Academician A. Magerramov (Azerbaijan)
  • Prof. G. Mamedov (Azerbaijan)
  • Prof. G. Meladze
  • Prof. A. Morez (Italy)
  • Prof. O. Manicheishvili
  • Prof. Sh. Nachkebia
  • Bishop J. Pazzotto (Italy)
  • Prof. S. Pedrollo (Italy)
  • Prof. V. Sakhakyan (Armenia)
  • Prof. F. Siarle (France)
  • Prof. K. Thyssen (Germany) 
  • Prof. K. Kokrashvili
  • Prof. D. Gorgidze (Chairman)
  • Prof. D. Garibashvili (Deputy)
  • N. Kavtaradze
  • D. Kuchaidze
  • Prof. T. Lominadze
  • PhD K. Makhashvili
  • D. Meskhishvili
  • S. Midelashvili
  • Prof. M. Khartishvili
  • N. Chulukhidze
Working languages of the conference– Georgian, English, Russian.

Application for participation and call for papers to be e-mailed by September 23rd,  2014 to 
Abstracts and Programme will be published before the conference and papers will be published in Conference Works.
Paper formatting requirements:
The paper texts are to be submitted to the organizational committee as e-mail attachments in   Microsoft Word format (.doc) or as CD, no later than September 23rd, 2014.
Font — Times New Roman, 12 pt 
Margins — top: 2cm; bottom: 2cm; left: 2 cm; right: 2cm 
Line spacing — 1.5.

Contact information:
Address of the organizational committee:
Georgian Technical University; 
77 Kostava St.
0175, Tbilisi, Georgia

Phone: (+995 032) 236-53-17 Prof. Rafael Chikovani
(+995-599) 180 108


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