International Scientific Symposium

International Scientific Symposium “The First World War and South Caucasus”
Tbilisi, June 19-20, 2014

Dear colleagues,
The organizing committee of symposium has honour to inform you that in Tbilisi, June 19-20, 2014 Business-engineering Faculty and European integration centre of Georgian Technical University hold international symposium “The First World War and South Caucasus”

       This year is the hundredth year since breaking out of the First World War. The war caused the
       huge destruction for humanity, but just as a result of the First World War European empires
       were ruined and instead of them arose national states including Republics of Georgia,
       Armenia   and Azerbaijan. This symposium is dedicated to clarifying and presenting 
       better  history of States’ formation of South Caucasian Region, their subsequent
       development,  actual problems of modernity.

The goal of the simposium is the following:

•    to research foreign policy issues of Georgia and South Caucasian Countries as in particular countries of Eastern Europe as in the Region in general
•    to study Georgian-Caucasian and Georgian-European relations
•    to disseminate knowledge about history, social and political institutions, internal and foreign policy, culture, philosophy, values of Europe
•    to gather professors and students of various universities of Georgia interested in European problems and to stimulate their scientific work
•    to coordinate working of Georgian and Caucasian experts of Euroepan Studies and to enlarge their contacts with foreigners, first of all, European colleagues.

The subject of the symposium  presentations is wide: history, politics, education, religion, literature, art, gender, massmedia, law, economics, social and female issues, work honesty and so on.

Especially we welcome to the presentations dedicated to issues of relations of South Caucasian and European countries in context of history and culture, foreign policy of South Caucasian countries.

Opening of the Simposium: 2014, June 19, 10:00

Address: Georgian Technical University, Administration Building, Kostava st. #77, Meeting Room.

Working language: Georgian and English\

•    The paper should not neither be published, nor presented at any other conference
•    The abstract should clearly indicate the results of the study


In the course of the conference visits are planned to several historical and
cultural sights in Samtskhe-Javakheti region

Persons wishing to participate in the conference should present application (see application form in appendix) and summary presentation.

All materials to be presented on the simposium should be sent on the following address: no later than May 31, 2014.

Presentations to be presented on the simposium will be selected by the organizing committee of the symposium.

Address: 0175, Georgia, Kostava st. 77, GTU, Business-engineering Faculty, Department of Liberal Sciences, Buliding VI, room 805a.


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