International Scientific Conference “Children’s Rights”

On June 1, 2019 at Georgian Technical University will be held the International Scientific Conference – “Children’s Rights” within the framework of the scientific-research project “Children’s Rights” of GTU Faculty of Law and International Relations. 

Conference presentations must be applied to children’s rights, basic human rights and children’s rights, convention about children’s rights, rights of the child in judicial decisions, children’s rights protection mechanisms, and discrimination of children, domestic violence, and alternative care, child poverty, children’s rights and social networks, bullying, “child soldiers”, children’s early development in Georgia, physical education and sports, children’s forced labor, the rights of children to school facilities, children’s personal, social, cultural, political and other rights. 

The academic staff and postgraduate and PhD students of the accredited Universities can participate: 
  • Each work may have one author; 
  • The work must be accompanied by a summary in English and Georgian; 
  • Each work will be checked on the plagiarism. 
The present conference paper must satisfy the following technical requirements:
  • The volume of the work: 8-10 pages; 
  • English and Georgian Summary: no more than 250 words; 
  • Main text and footnotes font: Sylfaen; 
  • Font size of main text – 11, text of footnotes – 9; 
  • Interval between lines – 1.15; 
  • Borders boundaries – 1.9 cm. 
The presented works will be evaluated by the following criteria:
  • Content Compliance with Title; 
  • Actuality of the topic; 
  • The idea of forming and expression of thought; 
  • Author’s assessment of the issue (individual view); 
  • Technical characteristics compliance; 
  • Citation technology; 
  • Diversity of literature used. 
Selected conference works will be published in the collection of conferences. Accordingly, Georgian Technical University reserves the right to correct the work agreed with the author. 
Deadline for submission of conference materials:  April 10, 2019. 
Interested persons should present the work on the following e-mail address: Indicate the name and last name of the author in the mail, the status (which is the HEI student), contact telephone and e-mail. 


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