For Applicants

For applicants’ attention!

Conditions of admission to   the Georgian bachelor's program "Architecture" and Russian-language Bachelor Program„Архитектура“

The Georgian language bachelor's program "Architecture" and the Russian-language Bachelor Program „Архитектура“will admit entrants who have secondary or secondary professional education.The Georgian language bachelor program  “architecture” aims at admitting 130 students to the program. The Russian-language Bachelor Program „Архитектура“aims at admitting 15 students.

In case of selecting the Georgian language bachelor program in architecture and the Russian language bachelor program, prior to taking the unified national examinations, the entrants should take the technical interview in painting and drawing .

The requirements on presenting the works are thoroughly described in the attached file.


Please read the terms attentively !
The language of the instruction on the program of the “architecture “ is the Georgian language whereas the language of instruction on the program of „Архитектура“  is Russian.


The technical Interview in painting and drawing at GTU Architecture, Urban and Design Faculty will be conducted from June 1 June 20, 2018

The interview in painting will be conducted  except Sunday - from 10 to 15 h. in 306 room .Address Tbilisi , Kostava 77, 1- C block . Contact number -2 33 71 63; 599 22 37 47; 599 514 819;