About us

The Georgian Technical University has always attached great importance to applying architectural education into real life. Therefore, the students have been actively involved in practical project activities from the very first years of education; the process is conditioned by the adopted reconstruction policy of the country complying international standards.


It is four years since our faculty maintained close international links with the leading architectural schools of Germany, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey and our neighboring countries as well, thus promoting professional success of our students.


The main emphasis is laid on implementing innovative, interdisciplinary educational programs. The clear example of this is the activities performed by the work-shop “Poetics of Architecture”, being alternative to the independent academic teaching format. In 1997 the poetics of architecture as a new vision was acknowledged by the international academy of architecture. This direction has greatly influenced the students’ artistic thought, promoting successful teaching process.


The laboratory of architectural physics and multimedia (computer) projecting and the laboratory of architecture for sustainable development are operating at our faculty. The centers promoting continuous professional and architectural education are functioning at the faculty. The faculty library is equipped with unique books and magazines on architecture. The classrooms of architecture, urbanistics and design occupy more than 3000 square meters, being the proper indicator calculated per student.


The students of the faculty of architecture have succeeded in international competitions. Since 1960 our students have been awarded with major prizes in such competitions and it has become an ongoing tradition conditioned by the relevant qualification and talent of the faculty professors and students complying international level of education.