The high-ranking international scientific conference PLMCN-2024 has finished its work at GTU

The high-ranking international scientific conference PLMCN-2024 has finished its work at GTU


The high-ranking international scientific conference PLMCN-2024 has finished its work at GTU

The high-ranking international scientific conference PLMCN-2024 has finished its work at GTU

The regular international scientific conference – “Physics of Light-Matter Coupling in Nanostructures - PLMCN-2024” has finished its work at Georgian Technical University.

The high-ranking 4-day international scientific forum, which was held for the first time in the scientific and educational space of the country, was opened on April 9th by the rector of Georgian Technical University, academician Davit Gurgenidze. PLMCN-2024 is organized by the Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics (MIFP - Rome, Italy) in partnership with GTU.

The work of PLMCN-2024, from April 9th to 13th, was held in 12 sections: polaritonics; quantum correlations; Single Photons; Many-body; phase transformations; quantum hydrodynamics; photonic lattices; Spin & Vortices; devices; materials; exotic environment (matter); Round table and guest speakers.

The studies on the sections were presented by the researchers of Georgian Technical University and accredited higher education institutions in Georgia, as well as by world-famous scientists. Discussions touched on such fundamental and applied issues as new generation optoelectronic devices and ongoing research in the direction of optics, photonic and spintronic structures, polaritonic lasers, new optical devices, semiconductor, and organic nanostructure processing technologies, development of liquid crystals and nanostructure synergy, for so-called green technologies, the role of modern advances in optics in information technology, artificial intelligence, data processing, etc.

At the summary session of PLMCN-2024, which was held after the sectional work of the conference, the president of the Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics (MIFP) in Rome, Dr. Giuseppe Eramo, on behalf of the organizers and participants of the scientific forum, thanked Georgian Technical University and its rector, Academician Davit Gurgenidze for hosting and for holding the event at a high level.

As Dr. Eramo noted, “Physics of Light and Matter Bonding in Nanostructures” is one of the prestigious international scientific conferences, the purpose of which is to share new visions and ideas with the international community, as well as to deepen the collaboration between the world's leading scientists and young researchers and students from different countries.

“PLMCN is one of the prestigious international conferences in the field of physics and optics of condensed matter. This scientific forum is held every year and the interest toward it is very high. It is significant that several important discoveries and innovations, which later became the basis for the Nobel Prize award, were presented for the first time at PLMCN. Before arriving in Tbilisi, the conference visited Tokyo, Rome, Havana, Berlin, Glasgow, Montpellier, Medellin, Cuernavaca, Heraklion, Magdeburg, Hangzhou, and other cities. We must also mention that in the competition announced to identify the host city and organization of the conference by 2024, Tbilisi and Georgian Technical University have won host status. The decision was made by the International Organizing Committee and the Chairman of the Program Committee, Professor Fabrice Laus (Spain), taking into account the high international reputation and ranking of Georgian Technical University. At Georgian Technical University, PLMCN-2024 participants are the world's leading scientists, including professors: Jeremy Baumberg (University of Cambridge, Great Britain), Boris Altshuler (Columbia University, New York, USA), Pavlos Savidis (Westlake, Hangzhou, China). It is possible that one of them will be nominated for the Nobel Prize in the following years. Topics covered at this year’s conference include quantum computing, new materials for future technologies, photonics, and spintronics. We must mention that this year the PLMCN conference is its anniversary, 25th edition and we expect it will occupy one of the most important places in the history of PLMCN. We would like to thank Georgian Technical University, Rector, Academician Davit Gurgenidze, university scientists, professors, and students - for the warm welcome and for holding the conference at a high level, as well as for the extremely interesting scientific research that Georgian scientists have presented in the conference sections. The organizers and delegates of the conference highly appreciate the famous Georgian hospitality, ancient culture, Georgian wine, and related ancient technologies. We all hope that we will arrive in Georgia again soon,” said Giuseppe Eramo.

 Famous scientists from 15 countries of the world (including Georgia, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Spain, Sweden, etc.) participated in the work of the International Scientific Conference – “Physics of Light and Matter Bonding in Nanostructures - PLMCN-2024”, and the young researchers participated too. Since 2000, PLMCN has been held regularly in different cities in Europe, Asia, and America.


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