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The first student self-government was founded at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in 2006 on May 8.

In 2008, Georgian Technical University established a student self-government, and Temur Dundua was elected as its president.


Article 45 of the Law of Georgia on Higher Education provides the legal basis for the establishment of student self-government, which is expressed in order N 133/N of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia dated September 9, 2013.

Since 2016, GTU's election process for student self-government has evolved, becoming more transparent and open. The elections were previously proportional but are now entirely majoritarian. With only an ID card and a certificate, all students were given the chance to run for direct election in the student self-government.

 As per the Georgian Technical University Charter, Article 42, student self-governments are formed in accordance with the main educational units in the HEI through universal, equal, and direct elections with secret voting. The statute of student self-government will be developed by their unity. The president of the student self-government, the board, and the faculty chairs are approved by the chosen delegates at the general assembly for a two-year term following the procedures outlined by the statute.

Student self-government comprises 12 faculties and six central departments, and membership is open to all GTU students from any faculty and level. According to the regulations, over 500 delegates are officially elected in the student self-government, who participate in the work of faculty councils (1/3 of the complete board), and over 2000 students are members.

Student self-government is the university's student union, which organises cultural, sporting, educational, and other events. It also acts as a link between the students and the administration.

Elections to the representative body (Senate) of Georgian Technical University, are held for a period of 4 years, where 1/3 of the students of the full board of the council are represented and take part in the work of the representative body of the university.


Student self-government carries out the following activities in accordance with the regulation:


Since the student self-government operates autonomously, the administration has no authority to interfere in its operations.

GTU Student Self-Government is the largest elective student organisation in Georgia that functions in the educational field.

Student life has always been very important to GTU and has stood out throughout its 100-year existence. Today, student self-government is crucial to the complete fulfilment of this role.




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