Registration of applicants

Georgian Technical University offers vocational educational programmes in a variety of fields, depending on the needs of the country and labour market demand. The institution has sufficient resources and the potential to provide continuous education. Based on the specificity, the university's existing vocational educational programmes are primarily technical in nature, however other programmes are also successfully executed.

Georgian Technical University's Centre of Vocational Educational Programmes runs 27 vocational educational programmes for around 400 students. The university holds two branches in Tkibuli and Didi Jikhaishi.

- Everyone has the right to receive vocational education if they have completed the basic (9th grade) level of general education and meet the admission requirements for a specific programme.

- A Georgian citizen, an asylum seeker, a refugee, or a person with humanitarian status, as well as a student with the status of a compatriot living abroad who has passed the vocational examination requirements, are eligible for state voucher financing.

-Those interested in receiving vocational education can register at

 -  A person must go through the registration system in order to be registered as an applicant for a vocational programme.

- The enrolled student must sign the academic (learning agreement) and administrative (financial agreement) contracts and submit the required papers to the relevant GTU faculty. When a student is a minor, their parent or other legal representative must also sign the financial agreement.

Additionally, GTU practises inclusive education, which entails providing students with special education needs with an atmosphere that is suitable for their learning as well as including them in the educational process.

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