International Relations

International Projects


Project VitaGLOBAL – "Establishment of global networks in agricultural science and viticulture winemaking: internationalisation through joint programmes” – It aspires to encourage the development of collaborative educational programmes in agricultural sciences, viticulture, and winemaking, which is strategically significant for Europe, South America, South Africa, and Georgia. It envisions the establishment of a global network in these fields through the internationalisation of collaborative programmes.


Project HERD - ”Support for the development of scientific research in higher educational institutions of Georgia" – provides for the improvement of the existing research potential in the country through the development of research services at Georgian universities. The main goal of the HERD project is to modernise the research services of the participating universities, increase research capacity and quality, and integrate teaching and research components at the institutional level.


Project PRINTeL - "Classroom Changes: Promoting Innovative Teaching and Learning to Improve Students' Learning Experiences in Eastern Partnership Countries" seeks to increase the quality of teaching and learning at partner universities in Armenia, Georgia, and Belarus.


Project InnoCENS - "Boosting innovative competencies and entrepreneurial abilities in engineering education"

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