Structural Units

The rector's office operates in accordance with Georgia's Constitution, the Law of Georgia "On Higher Education," the university charter, this regulation, descriptions of duties, and Georgia's current legislation. The department's goal is to provide organisational-technical and informational services to the rector while also providing the required working circumstances.

Head of the Rector’s Office

Davit Kuchaidze

Deputy chief of staff

Elene Chaduneli

The Academic Council conducts its activities in accordance with the Georgian Constitution, the Georgian Law "On Higher Education," the University Charter, and other normative acts. The Rules of the University's Academic Council provide the norms and processes for exercising the Academic Council's powers and are binding on all members. All issues relating to the academic council's functions that are not covered by the regulations are resolved by the academic council through a resolution.

Head of the Secretariat

Eter Suramelashvili

The university charter, these regulations, and other legal acts govern the manner and processes of the Representative Council (Senate). The Senate adopts and, if necessary, amends these regulations. The work of the Representative Council (Senate) is based on the principles of transparency, fairness, and personal liberty.

Head of the Secretariat

Davit Khupenia

Assistant Speaker

Manana Santeladze

The Office of the Head of Administration (Chancellor) operates in accordance with Georgia's Constitution, the Law of Georgia "On Higher Education," the Charter of Georgian Technical University, this act, the job characterizations of the Office's staff, and Georgia's current legislation. The office's principal duty is to provide organisational-technical and informational services to the head of administration (chancellor) within its own competence, as well as to provide the appropriate conditions for functioning.

Chief of Staff

Tamila Kurashvili

Assistant Chancellor

Ketevan Tsuleiskiri

The International Accreditation Centre operates in compliance with the Constitution of Georgia, the Law of Georgia "On Higher Education," the University's Charter, this act, the job characterizations of the Center's staff, and the applicable legislation of Georgia. The centre's purpose is to implement the legislatively mandated steps in order to gain international accreditation for the university's educational programmes in collaboration with the university's quality assurance service.


Irine Gotsiridze


Aleksandre Zedelashvili

The Department of International Relations aims to raise the university's global recognition while facilitating efficient coordination of international activities across the university while supporting student mobility and organisation of international events.

Head of Department

Devi Khvedeliani

The Office of Technology and Grant Projects' mission is to assist university academic staff, administrative staff, and students in discovering funding sources for research development and institutional reforms; to promote the expansion of scientific research throughout the university and within its domain of expertise; and to provide support for the management process of funded projects.

Head of Department

Tea Murvanidze

Deputy Head of the Department

George Mikiashvili

The Strategic Development and Marketing Department's mission is to build the university's brand and image through effective strategic communication and to encourage development in accordance with a long-term strategic plan.

Head of Department

Archil Dadiani

Deputy Head of Department

Tornike Antidze

The publishing house "Technical University" operates in collaboration with the university's editorial-publishing council, which involves the management, coordination, and control of university-wide publishing activities. Furthermore, the aim of the publishing house is to encourage the creation of a complete learning environment and the enhancement of the scientific-literary base by publishing educational, scientific, methodical, and reference literature; to further the university's library fund, supply published literature to libraries in Georgia and abroad, and to raise awareness of the university's publishing activities.


Marina Medzmariashvili

By publishing instructional, scientific, methodical, and reference literature through polygraphic activities, the printing house hopes to foster the development of a fully-fledged learning environment and strengthen the scientific-literary foundation. Simultaneously, it manages polygraphic activities across the university.


Giorgi Jerenashvili

The Case Management Department's mission is to control university case management and document circulation relations in compliance with Georgian legislation, while also offering a single case management system and archive management.

Head of Department (Acting)

Davit Gorgidze

The mission of the Educational Process Management Service is to ensure that Georgian educational and scientific standards are followed, to promote the integration of Georgian Technical University into the international educational space, and to encourage the process of training competitive specialists.

Head of Service

Zaza Buachidze

Deputy Head of Service

Nino Nishnianidze

The Academic and Teacher Staff Development Center's major purpose is to promote and secure the professional development of the university's academic, teaching, scientific, administrative, and support staff, as well as professional instructors and students.

Head of the Centre

Ramaz Khurodze

Deputy Head

Lali Gogeliani

The Examination and E-Learning Resources Centre's activities aim to achieve the following goals: establishing an integrated examination system within the university and overseeing its continuous improvement; integrating contemporary information technologies into the university's educational process; introducing an electronic system for managing the university's educational process and overseeing its ongoing development; and enhancing the calibre of instruction and learning.

Head of the Centre

David Kapanadze

The Department of Science and Innovation's primary purpose is to design and manage scientific policies at the university, organise the determination of scientific-research activities, and promote science development and funding. The department assists young researchers and scientists with their scientific endeavours. It also encourages the organisation of international conferences, forums, symposiums, and summer schools, and it assists the university in pedagogical and scientific-research activities that promote the advancement and popularisation of science.

Head of Department

Deputy Head of the Department

Mikheil Janikashvili

The Department of Legal Assurance is governed in its actions by Georgian laws, by-laws, the University Charter, the University's code of ethics, internal regulations, disciplinary liability norms, and the Department's regulations. It performs tasks assigned by the Academic Council of Georgian Technical University, the representative council (Senate), the rector, and the head of administration (Chancellor) within its competence and is liable to the rector and the head of administration (Chancellor).

Head of Department

Beka Maisuradze

Deputy Head of the Department

Nina Goksadze

The finance department's mission is to establish effective university financial management, assure financial health and sustainability, and implement and run an effective and productive accounting-reporting system.

Head of Department (Acting)

Giorgi Chumburidze

The Procurement Department's aim is to effectively and profitably handle Georgian Technical University's procurement process.

Head of Department

Eka Ivanishvili

Deputy Head of the Department

Sopho Parsegashvili

The Human Capital Management Department aims to supply the university with highly skilled personnel, human capital development, and efficient administration.

Head of Department

Khatuna Chkikvishvili

Deputy Head of the Department

Nino Mushkudiani

The primary function of the internal audit service is to conduct internal audits and monitor university structural units. The ideals of independence, objectivity, professionalism, publicity, transparency, legality, secrecy, impartiality, justice, and individualization guide the service's operations.

Head of Service

Tamaz Urtmelidze

Deputy Head of Service

Aleksandre Sherazadishvili

The Department of Infrastructure Management, Labour Safety, and Logistics' mission is to maintain Georgian Technical University's buildings and other physical assets, organise and supervise university-wide construction and repair projects, handle warehousing and supply chain, and encourage labour safety at the university.

Head of Department

Davit Barbakadze

Deputy Head of the Department

Aleksandre Sokhadze

The Department of Protection and Security operates in accordance with the Georgian Constitution, the Georgia Law "On Higher Education," the Charter of Georgian Technical University, these regulations, the job descriptions of the Department's employees, and Georgia law. The department's mission is to maintain the safety of university staff and students, as well as to protect and secure all facilities and educational and non-educational equipment.

Head of Department

Revaz Keldiashvili

Deputy Head of the Department

Vlas Archuadze

The Department of Public Relations, Culture, and Sports aims to promote culture, art, healthy living, and sports in the university setting while utilising existing infrastructure as efficiently as possible. Taking care of the development of the university's existing infrastructure in order to provide an environment and comfortable conditions for students and academic staff based on their interests; strengthening relationships between students, administrative staff, professors, researchers, and departmental staff; covering all university processes and preparing special programmes for university television.

Head of Department

Davit Okitashvili

Deputy Head of the Department

Levan Iosebashvili

The Student Services Center's goals are as follows: to support student initiatives, to care for students' growth and career advancement, and to strengthen collaboration with the business and public sectors in order to promote career progression for university students and graduates. University student exchange systems and summer internships are organised.

Head of the Centre

Levan Pipia

Deputy Chief

Lasha Gigoidze

The Information Technology Department's aim is to provide safe and reliable technical support for Georgian Technical University's academic, research, and administrative operations. Additionally, students and staff must have continuous access to and availability of computer systems.

Deputy Head of the Department

Vladmier Adamia

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