Frequently Asked Questions

Georgian Technical University currently has 13 faculties:

  • Faculty of Construction
  • Faculty of Energy
  • Faculty of Mining and Geology
  • Faculty of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy
  • Faculty of Transportation and Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design
  • Faculty of Law and International Relations
  • Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems
  • International School of Design
  • Faculty of Agricultural Science and Biosystem Engineering
  • Faculty of Business Technologies
  • Faculty of Engineering Economics, Media Technologies and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Mountain Sustainable Development

As well as 32 undergraduate educational programmes that are completely sponsored by the state.

After one year, the student will be able to transfer to GTU. During the academic year, mobility occurs twice. External mobility requires registration on the National Centre for Education Quality's portal, followed by submission of documentation to GTU. Internal mobility (inside the university, switching faculty) is handled by GTU's Department of Education, and involves deans of faculties.

Georgian Technical University works together with 68 universities in 17 European countries to provide students with mobility opportunities through the Erasmus+ programme and with funding from the same programme. Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Poland, France, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, and more countries are examples. Students of all levels are welcome to participate in international mobility in technical, humanitarian, agricultural, and social programmes.

In order to participate, the student must have a strong academic record as well as knowledge of the English language at the B2 level.

The International School of Design is one such faculty, where students study exclusively in English for four years. We do, however, have English-language programmes.

An applicant can apply to GTU in any of four languages: English, German, French, or Russian. The International School of Design is the only faculty where English is essential because studies are carried out in English.

GTU has formed memorandums of cooperation with various significant local and international organisations in order to employ students. Young people have the chance to complete internships in partner companies beginning in their first year, gaining practical experience and deepening their professional skills. As practise has shown, many of our students continue their careers at these organisations and become full-time employees.

A foreign language is a required subject at GTU. The student chooses one of four languages to learn: English, French, German, or Russian.

The bachelor's programme lasts four years.

A GTU student who is unable to earn a state grant will be able to pay tuition costs on an individual basis. In this scenario, they should contact the faculty manager. In addition, the student is eligible for all of the benefits offered by the state programme for the socially vulnerable, children of war veterans, internally displaced individuals, and victims of villages near the line of separation.

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