Studying Georgian language

Educational programme of studying Georgian language

Faculty - Faculty of Engineering Economics, Media Technologies and Social Sciences

Programme title - Educational programme of studying Georgian language

The aim of the programme - Giving non-Georgian speaking students the necessary proficiency in the language that allows them to enrol in any undergraduate programme at GTU: listening to lectures and oral reports, comprehending and understanding, familiarising themselves with field literature, responding to audience questions (seminar, practical), and completing assigned tasks performance in writing or speaking, as well as preparation and delivery of assignments in Georgian.

Teaching tolerance and diversity values for easy integration into Georgian society using the principle: language through culture and culture through language.

Teaching language - Georgian

Prerequisite for enrolment in the programme - Only the outcomes of the general skills (Azerbaijani, Abkhazian, Ossetian, and Armenian) tests from the unified national exams are used to determine admission to the programme. The aforementioned educational programme is available to those who enrol at Georgian Technical University in compliance with the regulations set forth by Georgian law.

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