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Poetics of Architecture in architectural design

Studio Poetics of architecture actively engages in architecture design course, creating new design paradigms. Each design carries a strong cultural narrative. Since the begining of the studio the number of projects done under supervision of Sh. Bostanashvili is counted in hundreds. Here you can find only a small part of them.

1998 - 2004

Museum of Art
Playground for Children
A House for a farmer 01/1
A House for a farmer 01/2
Play Complex

2007 - 2013

A House for a farmer 08/1
Village center 09/1
A House for a farmer 09/1
Village center 10/1

2013 - 2019

Multi storey housing 12/1
Multi storey housing 12/2
A Pavillion 14/1
A Shelter 14/1
Equestrian club and hotel 14/1
Equestrian club and hotel 14/1
Mobius Farm
Garage / Hybrid
A space for prayer 18/1
Parking garage 18/1
Equestrian club and hotel 19/1
Group 6702

Master's program projects

Expo center 07/1
Tourist base 11/1
Sanatorium 12/3
Waterworld 13/1
Parking Garage 14/1
Courthouse 14/1

Master's thesis projects

Theatre 14/1
Psychiatric Clinic 15/1
Theatre / Archive 15/2
Psychiatric Clinic 18/1