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Studio-workshop “Poetics of Architecture” is an alternative and original method of thinking and teaching architecture created by prof. Shota Bostanashvili in 1990 at the Faculty of Architecture (Georgian Technical University).

The academic course “Poetics of architecture” comprises lectures wherein architecture is considered through the prism of culture. Poetics of architecture searches the Interesting on the borders of architecture and other cultural phenomena, be it theater, painting, poetry, literature, philosophy of language, mythology; within the framework of the course a number of major questions are raised: what are the meanings generated by architecture in the context of culture and what does architecture mean to the individual, for whom it is a form of creative self-expression.

Studio Poetics of Architecture is that very space of freedom where the student initiates a dialogue with culture through the language of play and through play brings forth something of his own, something novel.

The lectures are complemented by practical lessons, during which the student comes to gain insight and reflect upon a given problem related to philosophy of culture and presents his reflection through graphical means – as a picture.

The website offers for viewing the works of the studio spanning almost 30 years. Here you can find the Manifesto for Poetics of Architecture, prof. Bostanashvili’s biography and creative practice which is the basis for the philosophy of the studio. Studio Poetics of Architecture actively engages with its methodology in the architectural design course. The website presents the student’s design projects executed in the course of bachelor’s and master’s studies.

The studio is guided by assoc. professor David Bostanashvili. The works presented here are accomplished under the academic supervision of Shota Bostanashvili and David Bostanashvili.