State and university scholarships

For successful students in Georgia, there is a program "State Scholarships for Students", which is given in state universities on a semester basis and amounts to 150 GEL per month. The amount will be allocated from the state budget, however, the criteria to get the scholarship are determined by the universities themselves.

Georgian Technical University is involved in the mentioned program. Scholarships are awarded to those students of the first, second, third and fourth year of undergraduate studies at STU, who have a high rating according to the results of the first semester sessions of the academic year (the amount of the maximum rating point changes yearly). The scholarship holder is selected by the competition commissions created by the order of the dean of the faculty.

Program for granting social benefits

A student of GTU has the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits provided by the state program for the socially vulnerable, children of war veterans, internally displaced persons, victims of villages near the dividing line.