10 Facts


On October 21, 2023, International Design School of (IDS) of the Georgian Technical University will celebrate its 10th anniversary.


International Design School is the first and still the only faculty of the Georgian Technical University, where studies are conducted entirely in English.


IInternational Design School has accredited modern educational programs in the field of design (bachelors and masters) and architecture (bachelors), which ensure the preparation of highly competitive young specialists to enter both the Georgian and foreign labor market.


At present, about 200 students are studying at bachelor's and master's programs at IDS.


Each student has access to an individual computer station equipped with Autodesk-licensed, regularly upgraded CAD software connected to the internal network of the IDS, its virtual library, and the Internet.
The virtual library, launched in October 2014, consists of digital files stored on a server and accessible to students and staff from the IDS computers. Daily updated, as of September 2023 the library contained over 100,000 items including up to 45,000 PDF and EPUB versions of books, almost 45,000 copies of over 470 magazine and newspaper titles (mostly specialist English-language), and over 15,000 video and audio tutorials, as well as software. The IDS is building up a conventional library, as well.


During the 10 years of the existence of the International Design School, more than 50 important international events were held at the faculty, including lectures by invited foreign guests, workshops, master classes and exhibitions.


Throughout its existence, highly qualified and experienced professors not only from Georgia but also from such countries as the United States of America, Great Britain, Portugal, and others taught and are still teaching at the International Design School.


Through Erasmus+, Tempus and other EU programs, our students and professors systematically participate in various exchange programs in cooperation with leading European universities, as well as receive their students and teachers, providing the best opportunities for our students and teachers’ professional and personal development and broadening their horizons.


In the past 10 years, several dozen of the best students identified as a result of the internal IDS competitions have visited various leading universities in Austria, Italy, Germany, such as Vienna University of Applied Arts, Milan Polytechnic University (known as Polimi), Venice University of Architecture (IUAV), Technical University of Berlin, Munich Academy of Fine Arts and others. In 2019, a group of IDS students and teachers celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus in Germany.


The International Design School has a diverse and interesting student life, which is loaded with local and international scientific-practical conferences, student projects, cultural-cognitive and sports events.