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Template for Authors

Transactions "Automated control systems"
(template layout for the design) size A4. Margins: 2,5 cm - top, right, left, bottom; 1cm - header, 1,3cm - footer
2. Page numbers: 4 -:- 10
3. The journal accepts for the publication materials in Georgian, Russian, English, German and French languages (Fonts: Times New Roman or LitNusx).

Title of the article (center, Times New Roman-12pt, LitMtavr-11pt, bold)
Surname, Name of author and coauthor (center, Times New Roman -12pt, LitNusx-12pt)
Name and address of organizations, in which the authors work (center, Times New Roman -11pt, LitNusx-11pt)

Summary (abstract) in article's language
Text (At least 7-10 lines)
Keywords in article's language : (Times New Roman-11pt, LitNusx-11pt)

1. Introduction
Text (Times New Roman-11pt, LitNusx-11pt)
2. Main part (Times New Roman-11pt, LitNusx-11pt)
3. Conclusion (Times New Roman-11pt, LitNusx-11pt)
Literature (Times New Roman-11pt, LitNusx-11pt)
3. . . .

Title in English (center, Times New Roman -11pt, bold)
Surname, Name of author and coauthor's in English (center, Times New Roman -11pt)
Name and address of organizations, in which the authors work-in English (center, Times New Roman -11pt)
Summary in inglish (Times New Roman -11pt)
Text (At least 7-10 lines)

Title in Russian (center, Rus-Times New Roman-11pt, bold)
Surname, inisials of author and coauthor's in Russian (center, Rus-Times New Roman-11pt)
Name and address of organizations, in which the authors work - in Russian(center, Rus-Times New Roman-11pt)
Summary in Russian (Резюме = RUS-Times New Roman-11pt)
Text (At least 7-10 lines)

Template for Review


Author's (coauthor's) N. Surename (Surenames) research article
"Name of the article . . . "

1.Conntents of the Article: work is prezented . . . printed pages, it uses . . . illustrative drowings (pictures), . . . tables. there are indicated . . . bibliographic sources in the literature, etc.

2. work's actuality:

3. work's scientific news

4. in the article, there are delivered and solved next issues:

5. comments or recommendations:
- . . . .
- . . . .

6. conclusion: