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To Author's Attention!

  • Journal has international index, is abstracted (resumes are in three languages: Georgian, Russian, English). 
  • Periodically published: May, December.
  • Together with article the following is required: A Review, reviewer's CV and copies of own two publications (with cover page and table of contents).
  • Articles are published in Georgian, Russian or English languages.
  • Article contents: Title (center, Times New Roman-12pt, Lit Mt-11pt, B), Authors', coauthors' and name of University (center, Times New Roman -11pt, Lit.Nusx-11pt), Summary in article's language, Keywords. 1. Introduction, 2. Main part, 3. Conclusion, 4. Literature. Summary in Russian and English (or in Georgian, if the article is in Russian or English) languages (At least 7-10 lines).
  • Technical requirements: MS Word, A4-Format, Font - Lit-Nusx-11 for Georgian, Times New Roman-11pt for Russian-English, 1,5-Line spacing. Page Layout 2,5 pt, Graphic Material - JPG, GIF or BMP files.
  • Article (4 – 8 page), Single printed copy and single electronical copy on CD.
  • The article can be sent via e-mail:
  • Authors' contact phone or e -mail.
  • Article Authors will receive one for free

Journal "Automated Control Systems"
(template layout for the design)

Title of the article (center, Times New Roman-12pt, LitMtavr-11pt, bold)
Surname, Name of author and coauthor (center, Times New Roman -12pt, LitNusx-12pt)
Name of University (center, Times New Roman -11pt, LitNusx-11pt)

Summary (in article's language)
Text (At least 7-10 lines)
Keywords in article's language : (Times New Roman-11pt, LitNusx-11pt)

1. Introduction
Text (Times New Roman-11pt, LitNusx-11pt)
2. Main part (Times New Roman-11pt, LitNusx-11pt)
3. Conclusion (Times New Roman-11pt, LitNusx-11pt)
Literature (Times New Roman-11pt, LitNusx-11pt)
3. . . .

Title in English (center, Times New Roman -11pt, bold)
Surname, Name of author and coauthor's in English (center, Times New Roman -11pt)
Name of University in English (center, Times New Roman -11pt)
Summary in inglish (Times New Roman -11pt)
Text (At least 7-10 lines)

Title in Russian (center, Rus-Times New Roman-11pt, bold)
Surname, inisials of author and coauthor's in Russian (center, Rus-Times New Roman-11pt)
Name of University in Russian(center, Rus-Times New Roman-11pt)
Summary in Russian (Резюме = RUS-Times New Roman-11pt)
Text (At least 7-10 lines)