The Center Studying Productive Forces and Natural Resources of Georgia (formerly The Commission) of The Georgian Technical University was established at the Presidium of the Georgian Academy of Sciences according to the Resolutions of the Council of Ministers of Georgian SSR No. 537 of 17 August, 1978 and No. 279 of 14 September, 1978. In 2006, the Commission obtained thestatus of a Legal Entity of Public Law and was named The Center Studying Productive Forces and Natural Resources of Georgia. Since 2010, according to the Resolution No. 185 of the Georgian Government the Center was reorganized into an independent research structural unit at The Georgian Technical University.

Academician Archil ​Dzidziguri, Member of the Presidium of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, was the Chairman of the Commission in 1978-1997; Academician  Irakli Zhordania - in 1997-2006, at present – Chief Research Scientist, the Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Center; Professor Ketevan Vezirishvili-Nozadze, Doctor of Technical Science, Member of the Georgian Engineering Academy was Director of the Center in 2006-2011; Professor Zurab Lomsadze, Doctor of Technical Science, Corresponding Member of the Georgian Engineering Academy has been Director of the Center since 2011.

The Center has always been represented by highly qualified scientific potentialAt various times hereworked: Academician A. Dzidziguri; Corresponding Member of the Academy K. Betaneli; Corresponding Member of Academy, President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Georgia L. Chikava; Member of the Engineering Academy, Professor I. Tsintsadze; M. Metreveli, Full Member of the International Academy of Tourism, Corresponding Member of the Georgian Engineering Academy; Professors A. Bukhnikashvili, V. Melkadze, E. Nakaidze, N. Iashvili; Doctors of Science Sh. Oniani, A. Nanadze; as well as 22 Candidates of Science in various fields; Academician I. Mikeladze, Academician P. Tavadze, Academician G. Tsitsishvili, Academician V. Gomelauri,Academician I. Buachidze, Academician O. Natishvili, Academician T. Davitaia, Academician V. Gulisashvili, Academician A. Gunia, Corresponding Member of the Academy G. Svanidze, Memberof the Engineering Academy, Professor T. Janelidze, Professor P. Zhgenti, Professor I. Zurabishvili, Professor Tsiskarishvili, Professor B. Demetradze and others took part in the work of ScientificCouncil.

Currently there are scientific departments at the Center: 1. Department of mineral and energy resources; 2. Department of land, water and forest resources and ecology; 3. Department of human and natural-recreational resources and tourism.