"Gardabani Thermal Power Plant 2" Construction


Construction of new combined cycle thermal power plant - "Gardabani Thermal Power Plant2" started in Gardabani Municipality.

The company "Gardabani Thermal Power Plant 2", which is a subsidiary company of the Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC), is implementing construction project of 230 MW installed capacity combined cycle thermal power plant in Gardabani municipality. The station will be equipped with a modern type "GE-General Electric” gas and steam turbines and generators. The Thermal Power Plant will have a "black" start function, provided by autonomous/independent diesel generator (Black Start Diesel Generator). The mentioned function is important, since the system's black-out system will be able to run the station independent from the power system. The thermal power plant is considered to be put into operation by winter season 2019-2020.

The project is of great strategic importance for the independence of the Georgian energy system, strengthening the energy security of the country and irreversible development of the entire energy sector. The project is supervised by the Swiss Office of the International Engineering Consulting Organization "Poyry", which ensures compliance of both – project and current construction works with the international standards of construction and project quality requirements.


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